Our exact process for writing LinkedIn profiles with *personality*.

I have a question for you: on a scale of 1-10 just how much do you hate talking about yourself? I think most of us sit around the 12 or 13 mark. In fact, I think many of us would rather stick hot pins in our eyes than talk ourselves (especially when it’s all about how good we are) but unfortunately sometimes, we don’t really get a choice. LinkedIn profiles is one of those times.

In today’s episode I’m going to give you my process for writing a LinkedIn profile professionally and creatively. Yes, you’ll still have to talk about yourself, but having a structure to simply fill in will make it at least 1000000x easier, because there’s nothing scarier than a blank white page.

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  • How your LinkedIn differs from your CV and cover letter
  • How to break up your LinkedIn profile
  • Crafting a catchy personal slogan or headline
  • What to cover in the About section
  • Writing ‘hooks’ that entice people to read more
  • Career-related topics to include
  • Personal facts and whether they belong in a LinkedIn profile
  • Zhooshing your experience section
  • My personal LinkedIn copy, that you can use as a reference


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