Hi, we’re a copywriting supergroup.


BOSSY. is a Melbourne-based copywriting supergroup, comprising super writers from all over Australia (and sometimes even the world). Each and every writer has been handpicked for their individual writing style, copywriting specialties, industry experience and ability to make people think, cry or laugh awkwardly in public. Despite the rumours, we never insisted our writers have multiple advertising and literary awards under their belt – it just sort of happened that way.

Obviously, Bossy. is not your average copywriting agency. Agencies have manila folders and nice blazers and people sitting quietly at their desk. We don’t have any of those things. And as with everything else about us, our process is pretty different.

For starters, we assess every project before assigning it to the Most Suitable Writer/s. We use strategy, psychology and creativity to develop unique voices and personalities that humanise brands. We flex our journalism and freelance writing experience to write blogs, articles, enewsletters and other digital content. We shape words to create compelling website copywriting, from very-cheeky About Us pages to surprisingly-cheeky FAQ pages. And we practice our best editing and proofreading skills, so you can stop Googling where the f***ing apostrophe is supposed to go.

Director + Head Writer Alyce Greer launched Bossy. in 2016 when she realised boring words and bad grammar were the reasons she liked making margaritas so much, and that too many people were attempting to write their own copy and content when they should probably just stick to their day jobs. She has been accused of both mind control and black magic, thanks to her way with words.

Bossy. might be based in Melbourne, but we like working with businesses all over the world (especially in the Maldives). We especially enjoy working with clients who understand that sometimes swear words are necessary, and that it’s common courtesy to bring warm pastries to a business meeting. Even on Zoom.

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