Like misspell. How ironic?

I think words are out to get us. Sometimes, I imagine them pairing up and playing tricks on us like a set of identical twins. Take practice and practise, for example. They’re perfectly normal words, with two very different meanings, designed to confused the hell out of all of us.

Then there are other, seemingly innocent words that none of us can wrap our heads around, no matter how many tricks we use or jingles we sing. These are some of the most common words you’re definitely spelling wrong; you’ll see the incorrect spelling is on the left, and the correct spelling on the right. Consider printing them out and carrying them with you AT ALL TIMES!!!

*A quick disclaimer before an angry mob chases us with flaming objects: please remember we live in Australia and some of our spelling is a bit weird down here. There are also a few words that are up for debate (judgement, yoghurt) but *technically* we’ve provided the correct Australian spelling. 🙂


Absense – Absence

Accomodate – Accommodate

Arguement – Argument

Apparantly – Apparently


Beleieve – Believe

Bizzare – Bizarre

Calender – Calendar

Carribean – Caribbean

Deductable – Deductible

Definately – Definitely

Desparate – Desperate


Embarassing – Embarrassing

Existance – Existence


Facinating – Fascinating

Florescent – Fluorescent


Garantee – Guarantee

Glamourous – Glamorous

Goverment – Government

Harrass – Harass

Humourous – Humorous

Hankerchief – Handkerchief

Immediatly – Immediately

Independant – Independent


Judgment – Judgement

Jewelery – Jewellery

Knowlege – Knowledge


Liase – Liaise

License – Licence (Driver’s licence)

Maintainance – Maintenance

Millenium – Millennium

Mispell – Misspell

Mischevious – Mischievous


Neccessary – Necessary

Neice – Niece


Occured – Occurred

Ommission – Omission

Passtime – Pastime

Posession – Possession

Pharoah – Pharaoh

Presense – Presence

Persistant – Persistent

Practise – Practice (Doctor’s practice)

Publically – Publicly

Questionaire – Questionnaire

Que – Queue

Recieve – Receive

Resistence – Resistance

Reccommend – Recommend

Relevent – Relevant

Seperate – Separate

Sucessful – Successful

Suprise – Surprise

Tounge – Tongue

Truley – Truly

Untill – Until

Unforseen – Unforeseen


Vaccuum – Vacuum


Withold – Withhold

Xenodocheionology (Only because literally no one can spell it)

Yogurt – Yoghurt


Zelous – Zealous


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