When going through an ugly break-up, some people like to throw themselves into work. Some like to go on a beach holiday with their girlfriends. Some like to drive past the supermarket on their way home and buy a 5L tub of choc-chip ice-cream, and eat it in bed… without pants… while watching the notebook. And some of us, well… we like to get really, really drunk. 

It was this concept that inspired us to create the tone of voice for Vodka + Tears, an alcohol-flavoured candy brand based in Melbourne. But Vodka + Tears is not all about break-ups; it’s a brand that celebrates all of life’s ups and downs, from lost jobs to weddings to new inner-city apartments. Whether you’re going through a good time or a bad time, candy and alcohol are both always welcome.

This tone of voice process started with keywords:

Middle Finger. Cheap drunk. Stiff drink. Bubble Bath. Dirty Martini.


copywriting example

We were looking for a voice that is witty, playful, uplifting and energetic – and not one that is bland, fake, superior or negative. Most importantly, we wanted to get as far away from our cheesy, wedding favour competitors as humanly possible.

We played around with social concepts and naughty taglines, before we brought it all to life with a series of product names and descriptions that stand out on the website, social captions that followers relate to (and subsequently tag all their friends), and packaging copy that makes the postman blush.

Product description: For when you spilled coffee on your top then got fired.
Caption: If you don’t drink, how will your friends know you love them at 2am?
Packaging: You’re gonna want to take this stranger’s candy.


Vodka + Tears is launching soon. Join the club at @_vodkaandtears_.

Check out more of our recent work by visiting our Projects page, and get some info on what else we do at our Services page.

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