Lights. Camera. Instagram Stories.

We’re talking about showing up on Instagram stories, and most importantly, how to be less cringe-worthy every time you do. I have a love-hate relationship with Instagram Stories. I love watching them, especially when people are talking to the camera, and I know how important they are for my brand, but I get it: it’s awkward AF.

I’m going to give you some of my tips for being slightly more confident on stories so you can make them part of your daily business routine.

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In this episode, I cover:

  • Why you need to include Stories in your strategy
  • Getting the conditions right
  • Writing a script vs plotting talking points
  • Apps that help you remember your lines
  • Tips for speaking naturally
  • Avoiding fluff and getting to the point
  • How to intro and outro your Stories
  • Watching back and reviewing your Stories
  • [Bonus]: A challenge to help you become more comfortable filming Instagram Stories


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