Your Intro to Tone of Voice class: what it is, why you need it and how to find yours.

Tone of voice is a HUGE topic — if you ask me, it’s one of the biggest puzzle pieces when it comes to building a brand. All too often, I see SO many businesses throwing money at their branding, building the perfect website, paying to work with influencers, investing in marketing strategies, and these things are all important in their own way, but most of the time, these clients have spent so much money on these elements, that they’ve got nothing left for their tone of voice or copywriting. This is usually because people have NO idea what tone of voice is, or just how important it is to the success of your brand.

So, I’m going to go ALL OUT in this episode. Yes, I’m going to explain what tone of voice, but I’m also going to give away some secrets: some of my best tips for defining a super unique voice that’s relevant to your customer, the questions I ask my tone of voice clients, where I research and how I brainstorm to create the character, and then, most importantly, how I bring it to life on every single platform or medium.

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  • What is tone of voice?
  • What does it mean in a practical sense?
  • Why do you need a strong tone of voice?
  • What happens if you don’t have one?
  • Defining your own unique tone of voice
  • Exercises to identify your audience, points of difference and voice
  • How and where we research to find a brand voice
  • Bringing your brand voice to life on social media, emails, email marketing and more


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