Bossy.’s Director & Head Writer Alyce goes down memory lane.

For the very first episode of The Bossy. Type, I’m talking about how I built the boldest brand of them all, Bossy. Copywriting. I must admit, Bossy. been pretty bold from the beginning, but there still were a lot of steps to get it to the brand it is today, from completely rebranding to overhauling our services. 

It’s been four years now, and whileI’m not claiming that today I have millions of dollars in the bank and thousands of screaming fans (still waiting for those), but I HAVE managed to build a business that’s bold, unique and completely aligned with who I am. 

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In this episode, I cover 

  • The reason I started Bossy. 
  • Identifying my point of difference, and how I let this guide the brand
  • Niching down from 3 creative services to 1
  • Teaming up with agencies to broaden my offering
  • Approaching every element of my business in a different way 
  • Using my own brand as a case study for prospective clients 
  • Examples of how I made my brand more ‘bold’ 
  • Re-thinking my entire business model 
  • Implementing out-of-the-box marketing strategies 

Links and resources

Don’t forget to head to to download my very free, very juicy guide to building a bold brand. It’s packed with tips from Bossy.’s favourite creative experts, and covers everything from copywriting to graphic design to social media to marketing to everything else. Download yours here

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