Branding 101: it’s more than just a logo.

Welcome, this is the ‘Intro to…’ class at uni, and we’re deep diving into the world of branding. Our professor? Melanie Mitchell, founder of The Sundae Agency (they do branding for stuff you eat and drink) and my work wife! While we have our own agencies, Mel and I collaborate on most of our projects, with me on words and Mel on branding. 

Branding can be a confusing topic if you’re not in the industry or starting your first business, so Mel is break it down into bite-sized pieces and give you plenty of DIY tips along the way.

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In this episode, I cover:

  • What the f*** is branding?
  • Why it’s so important
  • The differences between DIYing, working with a freelancer and hiring an agency
  • Uncovering your brand identity
  • Why you need to identify brand values, mission and promise (and how to do that)
  • Nailing your target audience
  • Tone of voice, and where it fits
  • Building strong visual branding
  • Developing concepts with moodboarding
  • Choosing the right colours and fonts
  • DIYing your logo
  • And SO much more


Don’t forget to head to to download my very free, very juicy guide to building a bold brand. It’s packed with tips from Bossy.’s favourite creative experts – including a whole chapter on branding by our friends at The Sundae Agency. Download yours here.


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