Dream job, that you?

In this episode we’re talking career copy: cover letters, resumes and job applications. I was inspired to do this as a Q&A when one of my Instagram followers messaged to say that after 100s of applications, she started using the cover letter guide inside my ebook, Employable as F*ck, and was in stage 2 of her dream job. And whatdya know, a couple of days later, Monique got the job.

So, in celebration, I put a question box on my stories asking for your burning questions – now I’m going to answer them.

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In this episode, I cover: 

  • The most important things to include in a cover letter
  • How do write your job application to make up for the fact you have no experience for the job
  • Best advice on tone and structure
  • How to make up for the fact you’ve had a lot of jobs, across a lot of industries
  • Standing out in the sea of employers’ emails


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